Our Story

In March of 2007 we changed our focus from traditional front end marketing strategies to focus on delivering amazing results for our clients using our proven wealth acquisition through business growth strategies. Our mission is simple; to create customized  marketing strategies that deliver exceptional results in an area that most traditional marketers fail, Lead Conversion. They expect to be judged on and paid to deliver facebook likes and friends, website hits and visitors, non of which have any real value and therefore should not excite you. What should excite you is that once you hire us we will give you something worth counting and that is more money. It excites our current clients and it will excite you too. After all isn’t that why you are in business, to acquire wealth and prosper?  

Our ideal client is one who understands marketing and has an advertising budget.  We design a custom backend system that capitalizes on their current marketing efforts that track and measure everything allowing owners to make better front end marketing decisions.   A custom streamlined funnel that nurtures leads converting them from  cold prospects into hot leads that is ready to buy.


Meet Our Lead Strategists

Jac Simon, Trained Direct Response Strategist, Direct Mail Expert. Copywriting and Advertising Design is Jac’s Passion– “I just LOVE to write and communicate!” Jac posses over 22 years of marketing, copywriting and design experience working for a national fortune 500 company.  His specific areas of expertise include direct response copywriting, e-commerce and Internet marketing, website development and social marketing strategies. Jon oversees our team of direct response copywriters, delivering adverts that are not only beautifully designed but that are written to get prospects to stop, read  take action ad buy.  Jac holds a Bachelors degree in Business from The University of Houston.





Cassandra Segoviano, AKA The Rainmaker “Writer, Speaker, Trained Direct Response Copywriter and Experienced Wealth Acquisition Through Business Growth Strategist. “Most small businesses are in a fight for their life, savvy owners understand that they need to advertise, they hire SEO consultants, run pay-per-click campaigns, they advertise on radio and TV, some even send direct mail.  Traditional markerters and consultants  focus on generating leads, leaving the owner with no real way to manage those leads to convert more of them into customers.  


Cassandra leads this elite team of strategists – all phenomenally successful at exploding their client’s sales using proven backend strategies. They are masters at combining the power of off-line media, on-line technology, and automation ,catapulting their clients from just making a living to creating wealth by becoming a small business with Big Impact.

Cassandra brings over 14 years of small business marketing experience. She blends her entrepreneurial experience and corporate background in the online space to provide highly effective backend marketing strategies based on clients specific goals and budget. Graduate – University of Houston – BA – Public Relations / Multimedia Marketing.


Melinda Gonzalez,  Online Media Expert, SEO ,Pay Per Click & Google Engage Partner “I love marketing (especially online), I love small business, bringing them together is my bliss.” Melina has 17 years of marketing experience which  includes working with small and medium-sized businesses in the service, retail, technology, finance & construction industries. She has a deep seeded passion to help small business solve their pressing marketing dilemmas. Melinda is from North Vancouver and received her degree from The University of Michigan (Ross School of Business).


 Our writers and designers

From left to right: Anan, JoAnne, James, Sarah & Beth

Together we are, Alan Pace & Company. If you are like most business owners that advertise, generate leads but lack a proven system to manage your leads and convert a greater percentage into paying customers, and you are looking for cost-efficient, personalized results driven service, please get in touch!

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