How To Use Reputation Marketing To Fix Bad Yelp Reviews

by Internet Marketing Houston on May 1, 2013

how to fix bad yelp reviewsWhen you’re trying to build your business, your priority might be to improve your bottom-line (revenue), but that doesn’t mean you should ignore reputation marketing. Trust me; I’ve been in that situation. Local businesses need to be financially secure — as entrepreneurs, we need to understand that, but we also need to understand that with a good reputation, financial security will follow. The Smart Marketing Wizard makes a good point: why bother gaining the ranking when all people will see are negative reviews?

The Good Customer Service Comes First

Reputation marketing shouldn’t be about making it seem that your business cares.  It’s sincere. It’s branding in its most fundamental sense. One call from a client to your customer service representatives can result in a bad or good Yelp review. At first, I thought that a single negative feedback can’t do harm. Unfortunately, in a digital era of the world wide web and social media like Google+, or facebook, that isn’t the case. Put your customer first.

Good Businesses Get Bad Yelp Reviews

Regardless of how hard you drive your reputation marketing and how earnest you are in pleasing your customers, you WILL get bad business reviews. For me all it took was a bad day for one of my customer service reps, or bad luck when it came to the product or service. If you understand the correct way on  How to Fix Bad Yelp Reviews using reputation marketing to address bad Yelp Reviews, you will quickly discover that every bad review is also a golden opportunity.

Don’t Sweep Bad Yelp Reviews Under the Rug

Don’t go for traditional reputation management that buries unfavorable reviews under a ton of fake glowing yelp reviews about your business. These costly measures don’t fix the problem, they just hide it. Remember, it’s branding. It’s sincere. You need to own each problem and resolve it. An unhappy customer is just waiting to be proven wrong about your business, and when that’s done, the customer will often be more than willing to provide a positively sparkling review afterwards.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Yelp Online Ratings and Reviews

Good ratings and reviews might be the aim of reputation marketing, but don’t jump the gun and fake positive feedback. I can guarantee that the methods in Smart Marketing Wizard works. Turn all those bad Yelp reviews (and every unhappy customer) into opportunities for redemption. Traditional, outdated and questionable reputation management techniques only cost more money than actually owning up to the problem, resolving it, and gaining a superbly happy customer because of it. That’s how you will succeed in your local businesses.

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