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“Most Business Owners Focus On Making A Sale Rather Than Creating Wealth”

Time is money and before you invest your time readings further, please allow us to be brutally honest in hopes of saving unsuitable prospective clients valuable time.  What we do is very specialized,  and delivers explosive results,  so no hard sales pitch is necessary.   Our process requires a business to already be or have a budget to generate interest by advertising. If this is not you, we appreciate your visit, however in all honestly there is very little we can do to help your business.

Some may feel that this is too forward of a greeting, it may be, however our honesty will save unsuitable prospects valuable time that they can use to find a viable marketing solution that will work for them and it allows us to cut through the clutter and focus on delivering exceptional results to our ideal clients.

Businesses are throwing away thousands monthly on advertising.  Media Reps, SEO Consultants, Advertising Sales Reps for TV and Radio have you counting hits, visits, visitors, likes & friends. Instead of what really matters, which are paying customers, clients or patients. Period!

You can’t take a facebook like or friend a website visitor nor hit to the bank.  Yet that is how you currently judge their value like in santorini weddings.

At Alan Pace & Company we see things a little bit differently. We believe that if you are going to spend your time counting anything, it should be money. Don’t you agree?

Here’s The Problem, only 3-5% of your current prospects are actually ready to buy when they hear or see your advertising.  That leaves over 90% that are not ready, willing or able to buy at that moment. What happens to them?

What happens after you get those leads that you paid so dearly for?  Done wrong – most of those cold leads go right down the tube.

78% of Businesses Have BIG BACK END PROBLEMS. Most don’t even know what a Back End is, and because of this, are throwing away thousands of dollars on SEO, advertising and other lead generation strategies.

It’s not that lead generation isn’t needed, it’s just that what most owners miss is that lead conversion is the lifeblood if any successful business.

The SEO, sales reps and marketing gurus that you pay monthly don’t talk about conversion because most are clueless on how to convert those cold leads into actual paying customers. In all honesty they hope that you never ask them how to. What you are paying for isn’t a lead, but rather traffic.

Alan Pace & Company Specializes in Lead Conversion.

A lead is traffic that you can nurture through the sales process until they are ready to buy. A lead is targeted, trackable, measurable and predictable.

We are trained to implement proven systems that effectively convert traffic into leads and nurture those leads until they are ready to buy, and make your business the sensible choice. Systems that alert you which leads are hot and ready to buy now so that you can zero in and close more sales.  Our proven systems allow our clients to generate sales on demand.

The Sales Process

Consumers first decide they have a need, want or desire. Then they start to look around, visit websites, read ads and mailers gathering information. In order to capitalize on sales you must get in front and stay in-front nurturing the relationship until they are ready to buy. Whatever you want to sale, be it a 3d files, an eye 3d model or a 3d body model.

To maximize sales and minimize customer defection you must continue to engage the customer after the sale to increase loyalty and keep them coming back and buying more.

We find that most business owners fail miserably both before and after they make the sale.

All too often what most do is they make that sale, then toss the customer aside, run and find the next person to buy. Never stopping to consider that happy customers buy more, more often and tell others.  Every local business should be building their 5 star online reputation.

Our trained strategists find untapped profit areas and provide solutions to the areas of your business that are leaking money and causing you to lose sales. We do away with random chance marketing, stabilize your business increase sales adding thousands to your monthly bottom-line.  You finally are able to achieve predictable results and take time away without profits being affected.

If acquiring wealth instead of simply making a sale interests you, if you are ready to build something that has real value, then we invite you to read our White Paper titled: The Ultimate Lead Conversion Machine” available right here on our website homepage.

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